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At Biotopo Wholesale, our door-to-door service ensures top-quality rare aroids and exquisite tropical plants for businesses.

Biotopo Wholesale selects quality tropical plants from prestigious Thai nurseries, ensuring impeccable condition upon delivery to your company. We accommodate all businesses with no minimum order. Supporting your aspirations in tropical plant sales through dedication to customer service and exceptional quality.

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Explore our wholesale webshop categories for premium tropical plants – rare aroids, stunning Caudex varieties, all sourced from Thailand’s selected nurseries. Our sustainable approach ensures no chemicals or fertilizers, offering an impressive selection. Captivate your customers with our diverse range of high-quality, exquisite plants. Browse now for an exceptional botanical experience.

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Why Biotopo Wholesale

Alongside esteemed partners, we’ve curated an exceptional import chain for top-tier rare aroids, bromeliads, caudex plants, colocasia, and more. Experience a seamless process with excellent communication.Simply place your order on the webshop and receive a single invoice, enabling you to restock your webshop or store every 4 weeks hassle-free.

Top quality plants

Discover top-quality plants. Elevate your offerings with our exceptional selection of premium botanicals. Trust us for excellence in greenery.

No minimum order

Perfect for both small and large businesses. Experience convenience and flexibility in acquiring top-quality products tailored for your business needs.

Import every 4 weeks

Our imports arrive every 4 weeks, ensuring swift restocking. Experience seamless replenishment, ensuring your shelves are always well-stocked with our quality products.

Door to Door Service

Benefit from our door-to-door service and complete shipping process control. Enjoy a seamless experience from our door to yours, ensuring the quality and reliability you deserve.

All in service

Simplified service – one invoice, all phytosanitary documents, and clearance processes handled. Experience convenience and efficiency as we take care of all the necessary documentation for your hassle-free experience.

10+ Years experience

Our esteemed partners bring 10 years of exporting experience, combined with our expertise, resulting in a perfected process. Trust in our collective know-how for your business success.

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Discover our incredible range of high-quality tropical plants! At our store, we showcase a unique collection featuring rare aroids, colocasia, caudex, bromeliads, and much more. Whether you’re curating a webshop or enhancing your store, we offer these botanical treasures at competitive wholesale prices without any minimum order requirements. You have the freedom to choose as per your preference.

Experience the premium quality you’re accustomed to from Biotopo. Elevate your offerings with our exquisite selection of tropical plants and terrarium plants, each one handpicked for it’s excellence. Explore the vivid world of lush greenery and add a touch of nature’s beauty to your retail space.Visit us today and embrace the essence of Biotopo’s finest!

Recent Products from Biotopo

We’re constantly introducing new and exciting additions to ensure your store remains at the forefront of the industry. Our range of wholesale tropical plants is continuously expanding, keeping pace with evolving trends. Can’t find a specific item in our collection? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We welcome your requests for any items that might be missing from our current offerings. We’ll explore every possibility to accommodate your needs by considering special orders to ensure you have access to the botanicals your customers desire.

At Biotopo Wholesale, your satisfaction and keeping your inventory updated are our top priorities. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of broadening your botanical selection.

About Biotopo Wholesale

Passion drives us at Biotopo, where tropical plants and terrarium plants are not just a business but a profound devotion.
It all commenced with our fervor for dart frogs, igniting our journey into the enchanting realm of tropical plants and beyond.
From nurturing a personal hobby, we extended our love for these botanical wonders by establishing a webshop catering to fellow enthusiasts.
Today, we proudly offer an exceptional wholesale service, delivering an extensive array of terrarium and tropical plants to businesses.

Our story is a testament to our ardent love for these plants. It was the fascination for dart frogs that laid the groundwork,
inspiring us to delve deeper into the world of tropical plants and their intricate ecosystems. This passion evolved into a commitment
to share our love for these botanical marvels with others.

With an ever-growing collection of exotic plants, our webshop initially served the needs of individual customers seeking to create their own lush paradises at home. As our love for these plants flourished, so did our ambition to extend our services, catering to a wider audience.

The transition to offering a wholesale service was a natural progression for us. We recognised the demand for a reliable and diverse supply of terrarium and tropical plants
in the market. This inspired us to expand our operations, providing businesses with an extensive selection of top-quality plants for their own ventures.

Our dedication to what we do is mirrored in every aspect of our service. From sourcing the finest plants to delivering exceptional customer support,
our love for these botanical treasures radiates through our products and services. Each plant is meticulously chosen, reflecting our commitment to excellenceand a desire to offer only the best to our customers.

At Biotopo, our mission is to share our passion by offering an unparalleled selection of plants and a service that embodies our devotion.
We aspire to be more than just a wholesale provider – we aim to be a trusted partner on your journey, offering not just plants, but a commitment to quality, knowledge, and a shared love for these extraordinary botanical wonders.

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