Sonerila Lightning

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Sonerila Lightning is a stunning plant, featuring a remarkable appearance with a gradient of colors. Its hues transition from deep, rich green at the base to nearly white along the veins, complemented by dark pink tones along the leaf margins. Caring for this Sonerila is undemanding, thriving exceptionally well in a terrarium. While it tolerates consistent moisture and water on the leaves, it's not a strict requirement. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight; instead, provide a sheltered spot within your terrarium for optimal growth.
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Sonerila Lightning thrives in a rainforest terrarium with elevated humidity, showcasing its splendor in the moist terrarium environment. The captivating leaves of our Sonerila species are bound to continually captivate you.

Caring for Sonerila Lightning

Light: This Sonerila flourishes in shaded areas at the terrarium’s bottom. Place the plant in a region with moderate lighting or in the lower section of your terrarium to optimize color development and growth.

Temperature: Sonerila Lightning thrives in temperatures ranging between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. Ensure the leaves have intervals to dry out between sprays.

Our plants are meticulously cultivated and nurtured, guaranteeing peak vigor and beauty upon delivery.

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