Sonerila sp. Borneo

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Sonerila sp. Borneo is undeniably a breathtaking and exceptionally rare addition to your terrarium. With its captivating bronze hue and compact growth, this Sonerila variety is a genuine gem. What sets Sonerila sp. Borneo apart is its remarkable rarity coupled with its surprisingly easy care requirements. Even for those new to plant cultivation, nurturing this beauty proves to be a gratifying experience. An absolute must-have for enthusiasts of rare plants.
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Sonerila sp. Borneo is ideally suited for a rainforest terrarium with high humidity, thriving in the moist environment to exhibit lush growth. The captivating leaves of our Sonerila species are guaranteed to continuously astound you.

Caring for Sonerila sp. Borneo

Light: This Sonerila thrives best in shaded areas at the base of the terrarium. Therefore, position the plant in an area with moderate lighting or in a lower part of your terrarium to optimize growth and color development.

Temperature: Maintaining a temperature between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius is ideal for this Sonerila. Ensure the leaves have the opportunity to dry out between sprays.

Our plants undergo meticulous cultivation and care to ensure they reach you at the peak of their vigor and beauty upon delivery.

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