Stephania Kaweesaki

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Stephania Kaweesaki, a tropical perennial vine native to Southeast Asia, is a unique and intriguing plant that captivates with its distinctive features. Recognized for its amazing veins and beautiful leaves, Stephania Kaweesaki emerges as an eye-catching addition to botanical collections. This resilient plant thrives when placed upon well draining soil like small pebbles or coarse sand and appreciates ample sunlight, displaying its optimal growth potential in bright conditions.
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Caudex plants, renowned for their distinctive swollen stem bases, bring a touch of botanical fascination to horticulture. These plants, including notable varieties like Adenium and Stephania Kaweesaki, are adept at storing water, enabling them to endure arid conditions with resilience. The caudex, often elevated above the soil, serves as a reservoir for essential nutrients, contributing to the plant’s survival strategy. Beyond their practical adaptations, caudex plants also captivate enthusiasts with their diverse and aesthetically appealing forms. Ranging from sleek and tuberous to intricately gnarled, the caudex becomes a sculptural focal point, adding an exotic and intriguing dimension to gardens, greenhouses, and indoor plant collections. The allure of caudex plants lies not only in their resilience but also in their unique visual charm, making them sought-after specimens for those who appreciate the extraordinary in botanical diversity.

CARE GUIDE FOR Stephania Kaweesaki

To ensure optimal growth and flourishing of your Stephania Kaweesaki, proper care is essential. While not excessively demanding, a few considerations will help unlock its full potential.

Light: Place the Hoya in a well-lit area of your room, after a dormant period in the winter, you will be greatly rewarded with amazing foilage when spring comes.

Temperature: Maintain moderate room temperatures ranging between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius for optimal performance. Additionally, provide extra humidity from time to time to stimulate growth.

Our plants undergo meticulous cultivation and care to ensure they reach you in peak vigor and beauty at the time of delivery.

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